New Electric Service

Welcome to CEPA! We are glad to serve you with reliable electric service. Everything you need to get started is here. If you need further assistance, please call your local CEPA office to speak to a member service representative.

Application for Residential Service

Application for Business Service

Application for Membership Service

911 Requirements

Applicants applying for new service must provide CEPA with an E-911 assignment form from their county's E911 Coordinator.

Inspection and Permits

All wiring shall conform to the requirements of the National Electric Code and to state, municipal and county inspection requirements. Where law requires permits, inspection and registrations, the applicant must provide CEPA with the documents showing these have been applied for, accepted and inspected. Please check with local city and county building officials and inspectors before making your request for electric service.

Service Entrance and Meter Location

CEPA service, engineering or staking personnel will work with you and your contractor to determine the location for the point of service and metering equipment; however, we assume no responsibility to change the location of the service entrance should it be improperly installed or if our site location is not utilized.

To avoid delays, please meet with our representatives before installing your equipment. The service entrance/meter pan or house panel must be installed on exterior walls and should be placed in locations that are easily accessible to our employees for meter maintenance, inspecting and removal.

Temporary Service

CEPA will connect temporary, single-phase service as needed during construction. The temporary power pole, wiring and equipment should be supplied by the member and installed by your contractor, builder or an electrician.

A membership fee, deposit and service charge may be required and are outlined in CEPA’s schedule of fees and charges.

Service Drops and Meters

CEPA will connect only one set of service drop conductors per building except as permitted by the National Electrical Code. All meters are supplied and installed by the cooperative and remain the property of CEPA.

Underground Service

If you are interested in underground service, please contact your local CEPA office. In areas where overhead serves are normally installed, members may be required to pay additional fees. Construction charges are also applicable when existing residential overhead service is changed to underground service.

Mississippi One Call Law

All persons preparing to dig must call Mississippi 811 or utilize the online E-locate system at least two days prior to the beginning of any work. Underground facilities will be marked using the color code system before work may proceed.