All persons preparing to dig must call Mississippi One-Call before they dig, it's the law.  The responsibility for complying with the One-Call Law is placed on the entity doing the excavation. 

MISSISSIPPI ONE-CALL 1-800-227-6477                   


Is it dead or alive?  That power line you see lying on the ground can be either; you cannot tell by looking.  To report a downed power line call (601) 267-5671.  Severe storms, automobile accidents, fire and other circumstances can cause power lines to fall to the ground. 

When you see a fallen or damaged power line, remember this life saving lesson; never touch a power line.  Central Electric Power Association urges you to assume every power line is "live" that is, still has electricity flowing through it and can kill or seriously burn you if you touch it.  Even wires that are "dead" can suddenly become energized when crews are working on them.  Stay away from power lines and warn others, especially children, to stay away, too.

Don't touch anything that is touching the power line, such as a fence, a car, or piece of machinery.  If a wire falls on your car while you are in it, stay put.  Wait for help to arrive before opening the door.  If you see a power line on the ground, call Central Electric Power Association, or alert the police, sheriff's office or fire  department immediately.

Although accidents involving electricity are rare, they can happen when people get careless.  Following a few simple safety rules and teaching them to your children, can help prevent tragedy.  Utility lines are also buried in the ground; beware of the possibilty of underground power lines before you dig.