If a member installs any electric water heater (40 gallons or larger), Central Electric Power Association will give the member a $50.00 credit on their electric account. Simply bring in a dated sales receipt and sign a CEPA water heater installation certification form. This program is available to any type of account and not just residential.



To help make your home as energy efficient as possible, we designed eScore with you in mind. After a home inspection by one of our certified energy advisors, you will reveive an eScore - from 1 to 10 - that rates your home's energy efficiency. You will also receive rebates on:

  • Attic Insulation
  • Air sealing
  • duct sealing
  • heat pump water heater
  • window replacement
  • storm windows added to single paned windows
  • door replacement
  • heat pump replacement
  • tun-up for exsisting heat pump or central air conditioning system
  • geothermal heat pump

This is our way of encouraging and rewarding you to become more energy efficient saving you money and while making you more comfortable. To get started, either call our office at (601) 267-5671 or follow this link:



If you are needing a heat pump, you might be interested to know that Central Electric Power Association has a program that allows you to finance a new heat pump at a low fixed interest rate (6% to 8%) for up to 10 years. The payments are added to your monthly electric bill. For a system to qualify, it will need to be installed by one of our Quality Contractor Network Members (QCN). Our Quality Contract Network Members received special training and are able to offer expert analysis of home heating and cooling needs, heat loss/gain calculations, equipment recommendations for maximum efficiency and comfort, and installation of equipment to program specifications.



This program is designed to promote energy efficient construction of new homes:

The program offers:

  • Consultation and recommendation on insulation levels, air sealing techniques, equipment selection, new technologies, and other energy saving ideas.
  • On site inspection to verify installation of insulation and HVAC equipment.
  • Blower Door and Duct Blaster diagnostic testing to measure the actual air leakage of both the house envelope and the HVAC duct system.
  • Full Home Energy Rating System (HERS) energy rating and EPA Energy Star/Energy Right certification.
  • Cash incentives from $225.00 to $650.00.




Green Power Switch is a simple way for you to increase regional renewable energy today for a cleaner environment tomorrow. For as little as $4 a month you can do your part to support renewable electricity such as wind, solar and bio-energy.


Renewable energy still costs more than traditional energy; Green Power Switch purchases help cover the difference in the cost. Each $4 block of Green Power Switch ensures 150 kilowatt-hours of electricity is generated in the Tennessee Valley region by a renewable resource. This is in addition to the renewable and clean energy already included in the standard energy supply. 150 kilowatt-hours is slightly more energy than the average monthly output of a typical solar panel (averaged over the course of a year). Neither Central Electric Power Association nor TVA "profit" from Green Power Switch.


In order to interconnect to Central Electric Power Association's power system, you will need to participate in the Green Power Provicer Program.

Green Power Providers supports homeowners and businesses that install small-scale renewable generating sources – solar panels or wind turbines, for example – on their property. Generation Partners puts ordinary users of TVA power into business generating renewable energy.

The program supplies TVA's Green Power Switch program with renewable power, making more green power available to consumers and creating a market for green power generation. Green Power Providers defray the cost of their renewable systems and lower their monthly energy bills through the revenue they receive from the sale of the green power.

How the program works:

  • Homeowner or Business Contact Central Electric Power Association
  • TVA Approves Application
  • Green Power Providers Qualified Installer installs Green Power Source
  • Distributor Inspects the Site
  • TVA Accepts System
  • Participant Receives Payment

For more information please contact Central Electric Power Association at (601) 267-5671.



All commercial customers, plus industrial customers with a contract demand of 5,000 kilowatts or less , are eligible for such assistance if they are served by Central Electric Power Association. To get started contact Central Electric Power Association at (601) 267-5671.


Financial assistance is available to help you make the transition to a more energy efficient facility. Two types of financial assistance, Standard Rebates and Custom Incentives, are available to help reduce your project costs and accelerate your payback. These rebates and incentives are offered through Central Electric Power Association in partnership with TVA. All commercial customers, plus industrial customers with a contract demand of 5,000 kilowatts or less, are eligible for such assistance if they are served by Central Electric Power Association.

Getting Started

1. Fill out the appropriate application

The application can accommodate one facility.  If you have multiple facilities you will need to fill out an additional site form for each facility and include the additional site form with  your application.            

Additional Site Forms

2. Submit to

3. Someone will contact you with instructions for your next steps.

The Standard Rebate Application may be updated each quarter so please check back to be sure you have the latest version. 


If the efficiency improvement you wish to make is not listed as eligible for a standard rebate, your project may qualify for a custom incentive. This typically applies to longer-term, complex or unique energy efficiency projects needing a custom approach. It may also involve a process change rather than just an equipment change. An expert from EnergyRight Solutions for Business can work with your engineer or installer to develop a custom incentive based upon the estimated amount of electricity to be saved. The current incentive amount for implementing a custom efficiency project is $0.05 per kWh of electricity saved in one year.

Getting Started

1. Fill out the custom application.

2. Submit to

3. Someone will contact you with instruction for your next steps.

NEED HELP?  Call 866-233-0450



What is the Major Industrial Program? The Major Industrial Program is designed to encourage reductions in electric energy intensity in large industrial facilities that have a contract demand greater than 5 megawatts. Customized technical assistance is available for industrial customers that are interested in taking a plant-wide, holistic approach to finding and developing energy efficiency opportunities. Participants may be eligible for financial incentives for implementing qualified projects. The program is brought to you by Central Electric Power Association in partnership with TVA.

Why should you participate? This is a free source of technical expertise working to help you find and manage, on an on-going basis; energy efficiency opportunities looking holistically at all plant uses of electricity. Some of the benefits from this resource are:

Are there any incentives for participating? TVA may offer a lump-sum incentive amount for the implementation of energy efficiency projects that result in reductions of customer demand during TVA’s critical peak period. In general, the incentive is available on bundles of projects that have a customer payback period of more than two years. Individual projects included in the bundle may have paybacks of less than two years as long as the combined payback for the total bundle is over two years. TVA defines its critical peak period as the months of June through September from 2:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. Central time. The lump sum incentive amount is based on a rate of $100 per kilowatt reduced during TVA’s critical peak period.

How does it work? Participation is easy. Contact Central Electric Power Association.