Renewable Energy

Dispersed Power Production Program

The Dispersed Power Production Program (DPP) allows residential customers and companies to produce renewable energy such as solar and sell all excess generation back to TVA at TVA's avoided cost.

Application and Procedures

Example Costs and Paybacks

How to Choose a Qualified Installer


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Interconnection to CEPA's Power System

Interconnection and parallel operation of a distributed generation system with Central Electric's distribution system is NOT ALLOWED until all provisions of the application and procedures have been met AND the participant has entered into an Interconnection Agreement and Parallel Operation Agreement. Failure to comply with these steps could result in disconnection of electrical service until any issues are resolved.

Green Switch

Green Switch gives customers the ability to match all or part of their energy consumption with renewable energy. For every block of green energy you support, TVA matches 200 kilowatt-hours of your electricity use with renewable energy. Each block of green energy you support is $4.00 per month.


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